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Image of SK-IN Beard Oil

SK-IN Beard Oil

Special Price £12.00 Regular Price £18.00
  • Grape Seed Oil (Conditions)
  • Joba Oil (Nourishes)
  • Tea Tree Oil (Protects)
  • Rich Bergamot scent
  • Pipet design (Minimise waste)

SKIN beard oil uses grape seed oil (conditions), joba oil (nourishes) and tea tree oil (protects) to keep your beard looking and feeling great, with a rich bergamot scent to complete the look.

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Image of SK-IN Beard Balm

SK-IN Beard Balm

Special Price £12.00 Regular Price £18.00
  • Grape Seed Oil (conditions)
  • Joba Oil (nourishes)
  • Shea Butter (nourishes & conditions)
  • Rosemary Oil (protects & stimulates hair growth)

SK-IN beard balm uses shea butter (Conditions), joba oil (Nourishes) and rosemary oil (Protects & stimulates) to maintain your beard. The smooth scent of Bergamot ensures your beard not only looks great but smells great too!

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Image of SK-IN Beard Gift Set

SK-IN Beard Gift Set

Special Price £20.00 Regular Price £30.00
  • 5 luxury items included
  • Bergamot scented Oil and Balm
  • Barber Quality Scissors
  • Wooden Gauge Comb
  • Wooden Bristle Brush


Bergamot scented premium beard oil 30ml
Rich bergamot scented beard oil nourishes your beard as well as your skin beneath, this beard oil will give any lacklustre beard the vital hydrates and proteins it requires

Bergamot scented premium beard balm 30g
Tease your beard into a smooth sophisticated look. A rich bergamot scent will leave you smelling great.

"L" shaped beard comb
Massaging and separating the hairs in your beard is key for growth and styling. Also use the comb as a length gauge for trimming.

Beard brush
Use the bristle brush to coax unruly beards into a sleek look with minimal effort using the bristle beard brush. Using the brush also help to promote growth.

High quality professional scissors to trim and preen your beard.

Cotton holdall bag
Use this unique branded cotton holdall to keep your beard grooming kit complete.

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