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World Mental Health Day 2019

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World Mental Health Day 2019
World Mental Health Day 2019

Thursday 10th October is World Mental Health Day. Advocating mental wellbeing is an integral part of our ethos at SK-IN, so we want to ensure you have the advice you need to help either yourself or somebody you suspect is struggling.

The cosmetics industry gets a lot of bad press for its effect on mental health, especially among young women. This is why we make the extra effort to encourage beauty as a way to combat feelings of insecurity and low self-esteem.

We posted a blog on the positive link between makeup and mental health not so long ago; today, we’re going to share how the beauty industry as a whole can be beneficial to your mental health, as well as where you can find help!

Can Beauty Treatments be a form of therapy?

In Plymouth, a psychotherapist began hairdressing as a way of keeping herself busy and earning money as she approached retirement. Quickly, she realised how the bond between a stylist and a client is uniquely intimate; to a degree that would take many weeks for her to build as a psychotherapist.

After this realisation, she decided to set up weekly evening bookings for those who would like a peaceful, quiet salon experience. Here, people can open up and truly relax, without the typical busy salon environment.

Are Beauty Therapists capable of helping?

This has worked the other way too. NHS waiting lists and pricing for private mental health services are equally frustrating; so many have found solace in opening up to people already in their life. This isn’t always friends and family. Many who’ve formed close relationships with their beauticians have found an easy way of discussing their issues in a pressure-free setting that feels natural to them.

While beauty therapists aren’t trained to help with mental health problems, they can certainly provide comfort and the occasional reassurance needed to keep pushing on; who knows, you might just find someone who can relate to your problems.

Our advice

If you suspect someone you care for may be struggling, perhaps a pampering session, a spa day, or just styling each other’s hair and makeup could be a great way to help them open up!

Approaching people about their mental health is never easy, and when you do, you it’s unlikely you’ll have all the answers. When somebody starts articulating their thoughts however, it can feel like a weight off their shoulders. Being someone they can trust; that listens, doesn’t judge, and shows they care, can make a world of difference.

Additionally, if you’re low on self-esteem, a trip to the salon or even giving yourself a makeover can give you the confidence boost you need to help fight those insecurities!

Our pledge to Mental Wellbeing

For more information on where to find support for your mental wellbeing, take a look at this article:

Mental wellbeing is intrinsic to our mission as a brand, which is why we put these resources together, as well as donate a portion of our profits to the Heads Together charity.

For him, her, everyone.