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The need for truth in beauty

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The need for truth in beauty
The need for truth in beauty

When you see the word ‘beauty’, what comes to mind? The perfectly groomed film star on the red carpet? The airbrushed model on the latest cover of a glossy magazine? The glamorous-looking singer who’s posted a selfie while in some exotic destination?

The definition of beauty – and how to achieve it – has changed over the centuries(the Romans applied white lead to lighten the skin, as did the Elizabethans; a period in which hairlines were plucked and heavy makeup was used to cover smallpox scars). The quest for beauty hasn’t changed and today we’re surrounded by a culture of ‘perfection’ – ads, reality shows, magazines, and social media all depicting the fabulous and the flawless for us to aspire to.

The cosmetic industry has become superficial and overpriced. It’s time to change…

The cosmetic industry has become superficial and overpriced. It’s time to change

The world is moving on

In a world that’s come a long way towards acceptance and diversity, we wanted to create a brand that’s gender-neutral and inclusive. A brand that doesn’t conform. A brand that breaks the rules. Because we believe that everyone deserves to look good, whatever your sex or skin colour or height or weight or age. True beauty is not superficial and should not be confined to how we look; it is all about feeling good and having an inner confidence.

And it’s not just us at SK-IN maintaining that beauty is more than skin deep. More and more brands are now thinking outside the box by using models who won't surrender to industry standards and who are positive proof that flaws and imperfections are beautiful. Models who embrace diversity, such as Winne Harlow who has vitiligo, Jacky O’Shaughnessy who is 68 and Andreja Pejic who’s transgender.

At SK-IN, we look to celebrate what each and every one of us has to offer. Individuality is what makes us who we are, after all. That’s why we’ve made a deliberate decision to put our customers at the heart of our products by featuring real men and women, not models, so you can see something you like on someone who actually looks like you. And to ensure total transparency and honesty, we’re also collaborating with like-minded and authentic people, not just established beauty-industry influencers.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

The beauty industry is also guilty on another level: of flooding the market with too much choice. In fact, through our research, we found that consumers are overwhelmed by choice with little understanding of the functional or emotional benefits of a brand. With consumers having to make over 35,000 decisions in a day, SK-IN aims to help make life less complicated. How? By offering a simple collection of products (our range is broken down into just two categories: Skin and Face), with simple packaging along with a simple pricing structure.

The truth about beauty

We’ve created SK-IN as something for everyone. It’s our way of shaking up the beauty industry and providing our customers with the products they want and deserve. It’s as simple as that.

We believe that natural beauty comes from the inside out and it’s not on the cover of a fashion magazine: it’s everywhere.

We hope you’ll find our approach refreshing.