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Essex / London


What is your passion?

I have a strong passion when it comes to anything artistic really, I absolutely love creating content, it allows me to work with boundaries I set myself and also have complete control over what I want to create. I also have a hugeeeee love for design and digital design - I hope one day I can have my own little lifestyle print business.


Who is your Instagram -INspiration?

My inspiration comes from lot’s of wonderful bloggers, from Indiamoon, withameliataylor, Robynpoppy and also inthefrow, fashioninflux and many many others! I usually use the explore page to find lots of wonderful Instagram blogs with amazing content that I’d love to recreate.


What is your feel good formula?

What makes me feel most amazing is being around nature - whether that’s surrounding myself with nature or going for long walks - I also thoroughly enjoying exercising (cliche I know), but honestly, I get such a buzz from keeping fit and being around nature. I love using essential oils like lavender and just having fresh, floral scents around me.


Tell us your favourite quote.

Ooo, my favourite quote? It’s probably ‘you don’t always need a plan, sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.’


How do you clear your head?

This is a really good question actually because I am a huge overthinker, I panic a lot and get myself into all sorts of ruts. To clear my head I do like to take some time out to work-out or meditate. Often ill have a little pampering session, just so that I can focus on something completely different.


Where do you look for support when you need it most?

I look for support in my friends around me, I’m the sort of person that wears their heart on their sleeve and if I need help I’ll definitely turn to my friends.


What’s next for you? 

Next, for me, I hope to land a job in the pathway I studied for - print design. I’d love to carry on growing my little online blog and hopefully head off travelling in a couple of years before launching my own print design business, that’s the plan!


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