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Our Journal


No matter how you want to express yourself, whether you prefer to live in the moment or feel most comfortable within your social profiles, we all have the right to be exactly who we want to be.  Some hide and judge, some pretend and embellish, but we can all enhance our image online to aid our reality; to gain opportunities - to create a platform.

As society tries to mould and restrict your voice, never let your lips stick. Glossing over your unwitting silence with the same old pose, with the same old effects, forcing the same old image perpetuates similarity, and robs you of your individual vibrance.

Here at SK-IN, we believe your body's a canvas - and eye shadow isn’t your only pallet.

Beauty should never blend in; so we encourage you to lash out at the judgemental eyes conforming you to the ordinary. As we snap, like & share our way through this landscape of lust and false love, seeking validation, finding idols, and masking insecurities… who do you want to be?

Our suggestion? YOU.

Not only you, but the best possible version of yourself. The prying eyes on the other end of your screen don’t see your fears, or your losses, or your heartbreaks. So why imitate? Why filter your true self? Take what you are, then accentuate it.

For the romantically unlucky, the belittled & bullied, those with a complex about their complexion: your pores needn’t be drains for tears

… besides, we have oils for those follicles. 

Never slumber on your natural dreaminess. Beat, blush and bronze until you shine

Whether it be a highlight that shines as the moon rises or smokey eyes that offer that mayfair look. The only thing that defines you is the belief in yourself… and contour.

You cannot filter fallibility, but you can refine your self-confidence. 

Beauty is within and the truth is in your skin. 


For him, her, everyone.