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Our 5 Favourite Makeup Looks of the Festive Season

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Our 5 Favourite Makeup Looks of the Festive Season
Our 5 Favourite Makeup Looks of the Festive Season

We’ve just celebrated our first Christmas here at SK-IN! 2019 was a long journey - developing our ideas into products, and building a brand that is trusted by customers, influential in the beauty community and knowledgeable of the cosmetics industry.

We provided all kinds of content to inform & inspire you throughout last year; now, we’d like to begin 2020 by offering you all some ideas on what we do best… here are some wonderful makeup looks from the recent Christmas & New Year celebrations!


The ultimate Christmas look

For the Frozen fans out there, this look by @tinklou86 is easily one of the most creative and amazing looks we’ve come across! With a hand-placed festive glitter mix atop of a combination of cerulean shades, highlighter & vibrant liner; finished with our 5.03 SINCERE Lashes. An alluring look that surely would’ve stole a kiss under the mistletoe!


A lovely festive look

A mellow & inviting style demonstrated here by @makeupchloe94. The rufescent glow complementing the full-glam lashes makes for a warm, seductive red eye look - in addition to our subtle, kissable 1.01 HONEST Lip Matte - guaranteed to turn heads!


A glamorous New Year’s Eve look

Take inspiration from this show-stopping, sparkly look by @beauty_byleanne for your next celebration - don’t shy away from bold colours! Again, with the help of our 1.01 Honest Lip Matte, there is a softness to the lips that perfectly accompanies the vivid, celestial shine of the eyes for a stand-out look!


The beautiful NYE look

The perfect New Year’s style for hitting the town from @auroreblogs! The eyes offer a colourful exuberance, flawlessly blended for an equally effortless look, matched perfectly with our 1.03 Willing Lip Matte.


A radiant look for all occasions

A truly beautiful glow from our highly-pigmented metallic highlighter in 2.02 Spirited, along with luscious lashes and the ultimate bold red lip. If this look didn’t earn a mistletoe smooch, then a New Year’s countdown romance would’ve surely ensued!

We hope these looks inspire your styles for the coming year, and don’t forget - as we’ve constantly preached - cosmetic beauty is beyond skin deep; for him, her, everyone.

Happy New Year!