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Is the hipster beard trend completely dead?

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Is the hipster beard trend completely dead?
Is the hipster beard trend completely dead?

Beards have always been considered a way of showing masculinity. Just a few years back, it was almost impossible to find a clean-shaven man under the age of 50, although not all went for the full hipster beard though. In general, hipsters are anti-conformist and unconventional people who reject the mainstream culture. Facial hair was linked to their subculture throughout the 1950s and 1960s because young men would wear a beard as a way to show independence and individuality. Beards were mostly out of style throughout the 1980s but made a bit of a comeback in the 1990s thanks to alternative artists. Men seemed to lose interest in growing facial hair for a while until the beard trend made its debut in 2012. Now, according to experts, it looks like men are starting to reduce their burly beards for a short stubble. Part of the reason is definitely the rise of new trends like the "yuccie" or young urban creative, an emerging group of hipster/yuppie/millennial. For that reason, it is time to understand whether facial hair have still a chance to exist or the death of the beard is finally a reality.

Women  refuse to date a bearded man

A recent survey conducted by Bic Shave Club of British adults revealed that the majority of them think the beard trend has come to an end. Of the poll of 1,000 people, over 55% think the hipster beard trend is over. The respondents were equally split - male to female - but the response from women was slightly stronger against the hipster beard trend. To be more precise,  56% of women versus 54% of men think the beard trend is dead. Laurent Laforest, General Manager of Bic Shave Club comments: “We’re not surprised by the results of this poll; the UK is a key market in Europe for shaving and we don’t see demand for shaving products decreasing. It’s interesting that women feel even more passionately about this than men, so perhaps it is time men listened to the women in their lives – it’s time for a shave. The British people have spoken, and we hear them loud and clear: “the hipster beard is dead.”  

You may have to bear in mind that this big statement is coming from the GM of Big Shave and the hipster trend may have given their sales figures a real kick in the teeth over the past few years.

Don’t go from full beard to beard-free quite so dramatically

Let’s start by saying beards are never going to go extinct. If you’re a dedicated follower of trends and GM’s of international razor manufacturers, you may need to shave, but maybe you should do what suits you instead. Let’s go with what works better in terms of your style and your face shape, rather than what everyone else is doing. In general, a well-groomed beard takes more time and commitment than simply shaving it all off. Some people also like to be clean-shaven to expose their jaw line or bone structure. Beards can also be a way to make faces look longer and fuller.

To wear a beard is not just a trend, but it is healthy. If you don’t want to make the transition from full beard to clean-shaven, try to trim to a stubble length first, before losing all hair. This gentler approach can prevent increased skin sensitivity as well as in-grown hairs. Tom Hardy’s new look at the premiere for the movie Venom can definitely help you find your style.

In any case, with or without beard, don’t be afraid to wear what feels most natural..