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SK-IN X COLLABORATORS | first edition

We are SK-IN.


We are here to push boundaries, innovate and provoke a different outlook on the beauty industry. We refuse to conform to the current confinements of the cosmetics world and are working hard to develop an authentic, feel good community with the help of people just like you.


We understand that actions speak louder than words, which is why for our first ever SK-IN campaign, we made it our mission to work with real people, real lives, real experiences. After all, SK-IN is for him, her, everyone. So, to get to know us a little better, allow us to introduce you to SK-IN X COLLABORATORS, first edition.


The initial driver for this project came from our desire to encourage a positive change in the beauty community, our aim is to offer a different perspective. At SK-IN, we are actively making a stand not to endorse the unattainable look that dominates the industry right now. Instead, we want to create a community where people are safe and free to be their authentic self and SK-IN are here to celebrate that every step of the way.


But, it’s not enough to tell you that SK-IN is for everyone, we have to show you.


We approached a number of potential collaborators from around the country who we believed shared our values and our ethos; people that inspired us in one way or another, in other words. We were thrilled to receive such positive feedback with many keen to be involved in the campaign and soon, we had our final 9 collaborators that would become the face of SK-IN.


The shoot spanned over two days and was a complete success thanks to our dedicated team working towards the same goal. We want you to get to know each collaborator a little more so that you can gain a better understanding of our brand and why SK-IN is so important to us and hopefully soon, to so many others. Please meet, explore and get to know them.


Feel good formulas:

For Mel

For Jan

For Selam

For Vaughan 

For Jessica

For Tom

For Liss

For Jonny

For Federica

For everyone.