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We are SK-IN

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We are SK-IN
We are SK-IN

Feel good formulas for him, her, everyone.

Over the past decade, society has experienced a series of unprecedented cultural transformations: from the first black president to the legalisation of gay marriage, not to mention the ability to select your next potential partner by simply swiping right. SK-IN knows how these cultural transformations have impacted people’s perceptions and relationships. Beauty is no longer just for her: everyone wants to feel good and express themselves. To help people in their process of authenticity and inclusion, SK-IN is creating new, simple, feel good cosmetic formulas. We are shaking up the industry and releasing a simple product range with a clear purpose.


What we stand for.





With an overwhelming choice of cosmetics available, SK-IN is revolutionising the market with simple feel good formulas. Everyday there is a never ending to do list in your busy schedule. SK-IN wants to make things simple so you have the clarity you need when choosing cosmetics.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel good in their own skin and the purpose of our formula is to help you achieve just that.

For him, her, everyone.

SK-IN is the brand to shake up the beauty industry, for that reason, we will launch a carefully developed, exclusive cosmetic line including lip gloss, self tan, lashes, highlighters and beard oils. Our products are designed to work how you want them to, giving our customers the freedom to express their individuality. products that are accessible and work for everyone.

Feel confident anytime, anywhere. To us, beauty is beyond skin deep.